The ₿ Word and Brandlive: Building Buzz Around Bitcoin

The crypto event – featuring Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey – included TV-quality segments, a fully branded experience, and over 5 million viewers.

Elon Musk presenting during a virtual bitcoin event

The Event

  • 8 hours of content in 1 day
  • 45 presenters, 7 featured speakers
  • 19 sessions: 18 pre-recorded, 1 live

The Success

  • 5M+ views across web and cable-broadcasts
  • 210k+ unique custom registrations
  • 850k+ page views
  • The Challenge: Bring together 45 cryptocurrency experts into a cohesive, compelling event to keep the crypto convo going for the long term.
  • The Solution: A true partnership with the Brandlive team, from pre-production through post-event strategy, for a fully branded experience at scale.
  • The Impact: An engaging TV-quality event – picked up and covered by CNBC – with seamless production and viral engagement.

Preparing For Sustainable Scale Amongst Pre-Show Buzz

The ₿ Word is a Bitcoin-focused initiative that aims to demystify and destigmatize Bitcoin through education and discussion. Led by the Crypto Council for Innovation and co-hosted by ARK Invest, Square, and Paradigm, The ₿ Word enlisted Brandlive to host and stream this content-packed, one-day event.

But even before the event started, The ₿ Word went viral – to little surprise and much celebration. Between trending Twitter hashtags and a CNBC article a full month before the event, Brandlive knew they’d have to build The ₿ Word with scale in mind, ensuring a smooth registration process and easy accessibility for attendees.

From the start of The ₿ Word all the way through the end, Brandlive was a true partner, building the event from the ground up with exceptional content, run of show, branding, pre-production, and more.

We knew our featured speakers would draw massive media coverage, and the Brandlive team knew it too. We’d seen that level of success with previous events, and they built this event to accommodate high volume.

-Sebastian Benkert, CMO, ARK Invest

Making All Aspects of the Show Special

The ₿ Word’s one-day event packed in 45 presenters, including 18 pre-recorded sessions and one live presentation. With so many pre-recorded segments, the Brandlive team put a special focus on making that content equally as dynamic and engaging as the live content.

One of the biggest factors for the success of the pre-recorded sessions was utilizing the tech check and rehearsal features within Greenroom. By having weekly check-in meetings and constant communication, even the biggest celebrities (like Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Cathie Wood) were able to get together without any scrambling around.

While the pre-recorded segments exceeded expectations, the live segment of The ₿ Word was noteworthy in its own right. CNBC ended up broadcasting the segment – and when they streamed it and the content mirrored the broadcast quality of the major news network, it was a huge win for both Brandlive and the event itself.

It’s very hard for us to find partners with whom we are so aligned; one that actually gives us creative ideas. From initial planning talks all the way to being live in the Greenroom, the Brandlive team knew what we needed and created it. Throughout the process, comms could not have been better.

-Lisa Dodd, Head of Communications and PR, ARK Invest

Another important aspect to incorporate into the event was highlighting presenters and sponsors within a cohesive audience experience. With that in mind, Brandlive’s design team custom-built a comprehensive website – as well as all event branding, visual and promotional elements, and even the logo – to ensure The ₿ Word took center stage as its own brand.

The unified design allowed every presenter to shine without overshadowing the overarching event branding. And, during the many pre-recorded sessions, attendees were made well aware that they were tuned in to a high-quality event, not just another pre-recorded meeting.

Livestream of a virtual session called "Bitcoin as a Tool for Economic Empowerment"

Impact Even After the Curtains Closed

As thrilled as the team was about the immediate pre-show buzz and the success during the actual event, they wanted The ₿ Word conversation going long-term. Today, the Crypto Council for Innovation and its co-hosts continue to utilize the site that the Brandlive team created for The ₿ Word, enabling a more informed discussion about the innovative role Bitcoin can serve for institutions across the globe.

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