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A Winning Partnership: Biden-Harris 2020 and Brandlive

Most watched event (566,000+ views): Joe Biden for President Grassroots Fundraiser with the Original Cast of Hamilton:
October 17, 2020

Biden Presidential Campaign virtual events at Brandlive

The event

  • 315 events in just 177 days
  • 50+ unique presenters
  • 3 custom integrations: ActBlue, Mobilize, and a custom API connection

The success

  • $30M+ raised
  • 4.7M+ page views
  • 913,000+ registrations

The challenge

Connect with voters across the US for the presidential election of a lifetime—and do it all online.

The solution

Virtual production pros offer peerless audience insights, fully customized branding, and airtight security.

The impact

Millions of voters reached, millions of dollars raised—and millions of voices heard in the voting booth.

An unprecedented campaign

The 2020 US presidential campaign was one for the history books. Facing a deadly pandemic, the Biden campaign worked tirelessly to navigate the uncharted waters of a virtual campaign trail. Then, in May 2020, the campaign decided to seek a new virtual partner—with Election Day just seven months away.

We chose Brandlive because the platform allowed us to have true ownership of our channel. It was a broadcasting venue with inner workings premade for us. All we had to do was show up for the event.

-Biden campaign team representative,

Biden-Harris (+ Brandlive): a winning ticket

After reviewing several competitors, the Biden campaign team decided to partner with Brandlive. They produced an astonishing 315 star-studded events, featuring appearances by President Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton; the original casts of Hamilton, The West Wing, and Star Trek; and comedians including Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and more. Together, they secured a historic victory.

Biden-Harris virtual campaign events hosted on Brandlive
317 virtual events in 177 days raised over $30M for the Biden-Harris campaign.

Challenges solved

  1. Know thy constituent.

    It was vital for the Biden campaign team to know their audience—and who was attending virtual campaign events. After experimenting with Facebook and Twitter, they reached out to Brandlive. Why? They were unable to see who was attending campaign events on other platforms

    A Biden campaign team representative explained, “It’s vital for any political campaign to understand who is engaging with us. There are millions of people in our audience, and we need to know who they are so that we can effectively communicate with them.”

    Brandlive was ready to deliver the insights the campaign needed—and that sealed the deal. The Biden campaign team partnered with Brandlive for the remainder of the virtual campaign trail.

  2. Virtual bunting? Make it fully branded.

    The Biden campaign team wanted to fully own the look and feel of their broadcasting destination. For every event, the design was customized to the campaign’s specs, and Brandlive worked with the Biden campaign team to set up the broadcast on the client’s domain.

    As a result, the audience saw a virtual event hosted by the Biden campaign, directly on the campaign website. With this advanced and fully custom branding, Brandlive sat 100% behind the scenes—with no mention of the platform anywhere visible to attendees—to keep the spotlight on the important issues of the campaign. Said Brandlive’s VP of Product and Marketing, Thomas Iwasaki, “It was the most comprehensive custom branding rollout we’ve done with a client.”

    “We chose Brandlive because the platform allowed us to have true ownership of our channel,” said a Biden campaign team representative. What’s more, Brandlive made the production smooth sailing. “It was a broadcasting venue with inner workings premade for us. All we had to do was show up for the event.”

  3. Secret Service-level data security.

    Top of mind for the Biden campaign team was security. The Brandlive platform’s comprehensive and fully adaptable security capabilities delivered a completely secure digital experience across all events.

    “I could rest easy knowing that all of the Biden campaign virtual events were completely secure on the Brandlive platform,” said a Biden campaign team representative.

    The Biden campaign relied on the Brandlive team to complete any security discovery documents, meet with security teams, and provide access to run third-party security scans and OWASP penetration tests. Further, Brandlive’s products are hosted in SOC 2 Type II & ISO 27001 certified data centers at the leading hosting companies for all parts of its stack. Brandlive’s internal processes are also SOC 2 Type I certified since 2018. Brandlive’s internal SOC 2 Type II certification is in process (pending 6/30/21 completion). These robust measures gave the Biden campaign the top-tier security and confidence they needed.

Grassroots fundraiser with the original cast of Hamilton for Biden campaign
A top priority for the Biden-Harris Campaign events was a high level of virtual security, which Brandlive delivered.

Big wins

  1. V for victory—and variety.

    Over the course of seven months, the Biden campaign team hosted all types of events: fundraisers, town halls, endorsement speeches, concerts, and more.

    A Biden campaign team member said, “The Brandlive platform is versatile enough to facilitate any type of event. When you’re producing as many events as we do, there are unique needs for each one. Different feature functionality is required for a fundraiser gala and a concert, for example. Brandlive was able to help us create event pages that met each varying need, with engagement features that our audience loved.”

  2. Seamless integration, peerless information.

    In addition to customized audience data about event guests, the Biden campaign needed information on page views, viewer retention, product clicks, and donation data.

    A Biden campaign team representative said, “The Brandlive platform leveraged all event analytics to integrate data into our systems, smoothly and securely. Having this data gives us insights we couldn’t get elsewhere—and the ability to have it efficiently connected to our existing framework made the entire process of getting essential metrics easy.”

  3. Expanded reach—by a landslide.

    The Biden campaign team and Brandlive created, produced, and hosted 315 exciting virtual events in 177 days—that’s an average of 1.8 events per day! All told, the program garnered over 913,000 custom registrations, over 4.7M page views, and raised over $30M.

    To learn about the biggest standouts among the many events, check out Top wins: Brandlive delivers 315 events for the Biden-Harris 2020 campaign.

President-elect Biden addresses nation via a Brandlive virtual event
All virtual event pages reflected the Biden-Harris campaign’s visual branding.

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