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Introducing AI Powered Workflows for Creating Engaging Video

For anyone who has ever found themselves tasked with telling a story through video, whether it’s webinars, events, or meetings, you know that the creative process isn’t easy. It takes time. Lots of time. And energy, resources, and a team to produce high-quality content.

It’s why we’ve been hard at work developing tools for creating incredible video content using workflows designed to be achievable, repeatable, and scalable. Let’s dive in.

The Common Thread in Amazing Webinars

When analyzing the very best video experiences, the best webinars, the best shows streamed on Brandlive, we found a powerful commonality. It’s not just about the video or the slides. It’s about investment in the content and the story.

Every memorable show is created from a place of intentionality. It is this creative process that transforms an idea into a compelling reality. 

But, creativity isn’t just about those light-bulb moments. Real creativity demands effort and importantly, structure. Think about the best television shows or movies – they don’t just spontaneously happen. They’re the product of a well-oiled machine of designers, marketers, talents, and video production teams all working in harmony, all executing a formula.

For marketing teams – from drafting slides, designing sites, sending promotional emails, to the meticulous planning of the show – the journey can be daunting. 

So how do you create a successful creative workflow?

The Formula for Success

Finding the answer to this question felt like going on a journey to the unknown, to uncharted territory, to Neverland. But, together with our customers, we’ve found it. 

This journey revealed something important: that successful content creators adhere to specific formulas and workflows – and they have support. So we wondered: What if we could build this workflow, this support, these magic ingredients into our platform?

The last year saw us channeling our energies, sometimes secretly, to craft a modern platform that would enable anyone to weave compelling, story-driven experiences with proven, repeatable workflows, and the support they need.

So Without Further Ado…

Let us introduce your new creative video workflow powered by Telly, your personal AI-assistant showrunner. Need to polish your content description, rework an email campaign, or even spruce up your landing page content? Telly is here to help!

Pre-Production Workflows

Kickstart your creative process with a moodboard that enables teams to stay in sync across imagery, color palettes, video treatments and music so it all works together.

Design attractive, effective sites in minutes with templates and use Telly to rewrite, simplify, lengthen, or add creative edge to your copy.

Effortlessly use Telly to write your script, creative openings, segments, transitions and closings that work to tell a story.

Create shows that inform and entertain with a variety of segments and shot layouts. Telly can help you design a program that aligns with best practices.

Easily record with presenters across the globe, then use native trim & clip tools to perfect your segment.

Support your show theme and narrative with stunning Style Packs that enchant and enthrall with intro videos, speaker walk-ups, segment cards, lower thirds, and more. 


Post-Production Workflows

Engage with your audience after the show with AI generated summaries and complete show transcripts.

Translations and captions make content accessible to everyone, in any language making it easy to quickly enable re-broadcasts for a global audience.

Automatically add sessions to your Content Hub to make storing and managing video content simple for your admin team while providing an elegant and streamlined experience for your audience.

Incredible, Scalable Content Within Reach 

The Brandlive Platform is thoughtfully designed to enable your teams to create amazing video content at scale with proven workflows and the support you need for success. High-quality webinars and video experiences drive action, foster engagement, propel your business forward, so whether your brand is quirky or ultra-professional, the goal remains the same: Deliver content that is thoughtfully curated and utterly engaging. 

You can see our workflows and Telly in action in our recent product launch webinar: Directions to Neverland. Check it out below! 


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Directions to Neverland

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