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Future of Work Roundup: May 6th

This week’s Future of Work Roundup includes why we need fewer, better meetings (and how to do it), plus what to wear if you’re trying to look good but stay comfy while working in an office.

Fewer, better meetings are the future. (Time)

No, you aren’t dreaming: your schedule is packed with check-ins and circle-backs, and even more so since the pandemic (according to a Microsoft study, a whopping 252% more). 

Well, at least I use that time to get some work done.

  • You and everyone else; stats show that 30% of the time people are multitasking during said meetings. But our shift to hybrid work means that in order to avoid burnout (and overall misery), we need to start having less meetings asap.

The bottom line: Making your meetings more meaningful, requiring an agenda and having meeting-free days are just a few ways leadership can mindfully set the standard for more effective workplace comms.

Apple employees are very bummed about returning to work. (Fortune)

Sadness in Silicon Valley! Just a few weeks after Apple started requiring employees to be back in the office just one day a week, 66% (yikes) of employees are not pleased.

If the big dogs can’t do it…

  • And get this: apparently Apple wants people back in 3-days a week starting later in May, so TBD on what they actually do. That said, 56% of employees are currently saying they might quit, and move to tech companies that offer a more flexible work/life balance.

The bottom line: Orgs of all sizes need to listen to what their employees want or face turnover galore.

Even fashion is finding a way to adapt to our new normal. (NYT)

If you are so inclined to office life, the future of style and fashion is showing that – after 2+ years of athleisure, leggings and sweats – folks are absolutely not sacrificing comfort.

Cool, anything but the return of low-rise jeans!

  • Brands are starting to design clothing with buzzwords like ‘power casual’, ‘workleisure’ and ‘business comfort’ to meet people where they are; that is, needing to be back in an office and look decent while doing it. 

The bottom line: Retailers are responding to market demand, and producing products that are aligned with our new way of working.