How To Make Your Virtual Event More TV-Like (and less like a Zoom call)

Up-level Your Virtual Events From Average to TV-Like

Let’s face it: you want your virtual event to be an event — not a glorified Zoom call. So what creates that perception? Things like compelling content, polish, professionalism, broadcast-quality audio and video, and zero glitches.

When an event is broadcast with all of these qualities — like a great TV show — people notice. It tells them you care about the subject and the needs of your audience. It enhances your brand. Most importantly, it assures you of maximum impact. Audiences can focus 100% on your content, so you can be sure your messages are received and remembered.

There are two essential components to putting on a TV-like virtual event: content and production value.

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High Quality Content Makes All the Difference

Think about what distinguishes TV content from that of your typical corporate event:

  • Focus, focus, focus. Because most TV programs are competing for viewers’ attention and need to fit within an allotted time, the content is crisp, succinct, and never repetitive. TV producers are well aware that their audiences will click away if they meander — so they hone their content to keep it sharp. Before asking presenters to develop their content, make sure they understand exactly what they’re expected to cover and how much time they have. Allow ample time in the production schedule to review, rehearse, and refine the content. Cut the excess whenever possible.
  • Images over text. TV is a visual medium, and we all know how much a picture is worth. Compelling imagery engages audiences. Build time into the schedule to develop top-notch image assets, explore compelling visual metaphors, and find ways to replace text with pictures.
  • Stories over lists. Encourage your presenters to tell a story with their presentations rather than working through a laundry list of key points. Narratives capture and hold interest and bring logic to the details within them.
  • Show some personality. Not every presenter is a TV-quality master orator. But audiences love characters and personalities, and even the most reluctant presenter shouldn’t shy away from revealing some (but not too much — remember, focus!) of themselves in their content. Encourage them to share why they’re personally excited about their topic or a relevant anecdote from their experience. It can create a bond with the audience and make them more open to their messages.
  • Stay on-brand. A virtual event will be more seamless and professional if all presenters deliver their content in a style and tone consistent with your organization’s brand — whether that’s wry and informal or authoritative and empathetic.

Production Value: A Top Priority

With your content buffed to a gleaming shine, you need to make sure it’s presented with as much polish as a TV show. In the past, that would have meant hiring a pricey TV production team and all their professional equipment and software. But these days, a virtual event production platform can give your in-house team the tools and features to support an awe-inspiring experience. Here are some ways to amp up the production value of your event:

  • Ensure team support. Your production will be better coordinated if everyone –  producers, presenters, and backstage team members – can interact using your production platform. Is your platform intuitive enough for team-wide use?
  • Use TV-style layouts. A custom, branded, interactive video layout elevates your show above and beyond a conferencing app.
  • Opt for a blend of live and pre-recorded content. TV shows often cut away from live content to pre-recorded segments and back again with ease. Doing so with your event will help keep audiences engaged while enabling you to explore new ways to deliver content.
  • Take advantage of production and collaboration features. Instead of juggling Word docs, handwritten notes, and texts, use production and collaboration features within your chosen platform to keep everything on track and in sync.
  • Communication tools. On select platforms, producers can safely communicate with presenters and crew during the show using in-ear communications. Does your platform have this functionality?
  • Ensure optimum viewing with high-resolution video and streaming tools. Nothing says quality like pre- and post-stream media, media playlists, and 1080p HD playback. For example, with pre-stream media, you can choose a song playlist, specific messaging, and/or a countdown clock that streams before your live event starts. This way, your audience knows when the show will begin, and you’re already setting the tone and showcasing your brand.

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A platform like Brandlive can support all of these needs. With these guidelines and capabilities, you’ll be well on your way to putting on a virtual event that’s TV-like — and that your audience will enjoy, remember, and act upon.

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